'You are very WELCOME to the FIRST of my TWO


BIOGRAPHICAL WEBSITES concerning the highs and lows in the life of MORGAN MINERSON, a fictional/factional invention whose nearness to the truth is uncannily intimate.' CP


'This first episodic telling book THE OUTING OF MY SHAMELESS VOICE deals in intense detail with harrowing events with adult content from 1948 to the present day concerning the life and times of MORGAN MINERSON and is deliberately brief in respect of the major health issues because these are set to be bitterly detailed in a whistle-blowing fashion in a future volume.

Here you will find the painful twists and turns of gender issues, murderous sibling rivalry and the cruel realities of a gay man imprisoned in an abusive married life and subsequently rejected by his daughters. The book will lead you to the brink of four mental breakdowns but leave the telling to later chapters where carers become the providers of sickness.

You will share the many weird brushes with people of jaded celebrity and stardom, the litany of great promises and the  enormous let-downs. You will share the love-affair with PAULO DELIO that has already lasted thirty years. You will find your way, by obscure means, beneath the skin of the published Poet Chris Madoch whose properly published book 'RUMOURS FROM THE BALCONY' has been described as both beautiful and dangerous.

Shocked by the unfolding truth, come laugh and cry at MORGAN MINERSON'S life with me.' Curtis Price.


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