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18/07/2013 12:52
  5]   The terrace in Southampton Road is long demolished and buried beneath a by-pass that made shopping in the town very much safer. That bypass still takes a huge volume of traffic headed for Bournemouth and the seaside. Born, at home not in the Fordingbridge Cottage-Hospital- my...
10/07/2013 19:01
  ATTACK OF THE FLASH-BACKS   ‘No way can we say ever that enough is enough. Life in itself is a responsibility- a burden to us burdened by thought, too often a burdensome burden. Oh, it may well be that no burden exists without a purpose. Yes, but when we exchanged our pantheist...
28/06/2013 17:45
SAVING A LIFE It was a late rehearsal. Past midnight it was way too late to let her walk home from the theatre on her own.   Morgan Minerson is recalling a former bisexual boyfriend’s latest girlfriend. A colorful blonde she was, almost his mirror image but with spinnaker tits and a voracious...
20/06/2013 11:46
The second revealing section was posted today. Apart from gender issues it tackles the format issues of the book. Don't expect an ordinary timeline format.
20/06/2013 11:30
LOSS OF HETERO VIRGINITY     My biographer Curtis Price spoke at length with me. I was concerned about timelines, about how readers might expect a simple continuity of my life unfolding. He disagreed, saying “Where is the fun in that. It is so predictable.” He was so right- the mind and...
20/06/2013 08:27
Yesterday saw the posting of the first part of this venture. It will roll on so do keep coming back and checking on the progress.
19/06/2013 19:27
  BEGINNING I was aged nine when I discovered a friction sore on my penis. Me, ginger-haired freckled Morgan Minerson- no interesting sexual abuse, no fascinating incest, no cruel screwing with the family pet. I have never loved cats that much. It was all my own fault; months of dedicated...
18/06/2013 18:33
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18/06/2013 18:32
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